The candlelight that burns at both ends are burning quickly

I used to be on fire, now I´m glowing

Saving flame, a different kind of Light

burning to create

for colors and nature

for the slow life

the simplicity of the little things

the details forming a wholeness

burnt out, not lazy

for burnout presupposes it has burned




I started painting late in life. From early childhood my creative channels were always writing, reading and a bit later in life. even photography. In 2016 I returned to school to recover from health issues which lead me to art classes. I had never painted before as I was really bad at drawing as a child and therefore never thought I could. Now I suddenly found myself staring at the white paper on the table in front of me. Terrified, as I had no idea what to do with it. It didn`t matter how small it was. To me it felt huge and my inner controller was giving me a hard time. I, who had lost control both of my body and my economy due to my sickness, was trying so hard to control everything else in life. Which is hard when you have no idea of what you are doing. The salvation came in the form of fluid art. An explosive, exploring and playful form of art. Here I could just totally indulge in the world of colors and exciting effects appearing on my canvas. It was both liberating and permissive. And of course, very hard to control. Great lessons indeed. 

”When the inner controller is exhausted and the fear of failure is letting go, the artist can enter the stage.”


Since that time I have explored different painting teqniques, watercolors included. Today I work mostly with acrylics and different mixed media techniques. I often use a lot of structures and collages in my paintings, and are driven by my never ending desire to explore. My curiosity and, nowadays lack of fear of failure, is my best friends and helpers. It is what I see, experience and feel that is reflected in the canvas. The common thread is nature and landscapes. No matter what techniques I’m using. Landscape, and nature. In both colors and shapes.

Nature. I live in it, with it, from it and on it”



Gjuteriet, Karlstad 2019

The Wall of Art and Hair, Karlstad 2019


Galleri 2, Säffle 2018 and 2021

Galleri 39, Arvika 2018

Participated in several group exhibitions and art rounds from 2018 onwards

Upcoming 2022

Spring Art, Mitt i City, Karlstad – group exhibition 27-29 of May

RiverCity Gallery, Gothenburg – Duo 16th to 21st of July