With the Heart in the Art and colors in focus

Buying a piece of jewelery from KOS ART, whether it is a gift for yourself or someone else, is a tribute to both the art and the colors, and also to the unique. The jewelery is made in KOS ART´’s home studio in Kil in Värmland and has its origins in the world of abstract art, after which they are referred to as wearable art / portable art. No two pieces of jewelery are exactly alike and it is you who interprets what you see. Maybe it’s a landscape, a celestial phenomenon or an ocean.

It is the great passion for colors and especially the exciting encounters between the colors that is the great driving force in creation. We need color, both for everyday and party.

Materials used

  • Glass cabochons in different shapes and sizes –To paint the glasses and create the cool 3D effects, glass or porcelain paint is used, which is cured in an oven after 24 hours of drying. This makes the glasses both water and heat resistant. Dirty glass is preferably cleaned with the included cleaning cloth.
  • Wooden settings – Handmade by local craftsmen. Rowan is most often used, but other types of wood can also occur. Information about which wood has been used can always be found in the product description.
  • Leather – Both cowhide and luxurious buffalo leather made in Germany are used.
  • Stainless steel – Available in both chains, frames and details.
  • Waxed polyester thread – Strong, durable and stable quality thread from Brazil is used for macramé work. The thread is washable.
  • Zinc alloy – found in some of the jewelry that does not have the painted glasses.

Care instructions

Even if some of the jewelery is both water and heat resistant, it is recommended that you always take off the jewelery when you shower, bathe, clean and wash. Do not leave your jewelery in direct sunlight or in damp areas and store it separately in an airtight bag when not in use. In this way, you keep your jewelry fine for a long time.

It is no coincidence that steel is becoming more common in the jewelery industry. Steel has many advantages but some of the most advantageous are probably its durability, durability and its allergy friendliness. Steel does not discolour because it does not oxidize, which means that you do not have to be as afraid of it as many jewelery in other materials. They do not need to be stored in any special way (does not apply to colored jewelery) and if they have become dirty, you can just wash it off with clean water or with a little soap / detergent

Note that some steel jewelry in the store is in rose gold color. These are only colorings and not to be confused with gilding / double which is a layer of real gold on top of another material. Stainings are always worn away with time and you should therefore take a little extra care of these. Take special care of your rings that are exposed to extra wear and tear.

All jewelry in the store is nickel safe and free of cadmium and lead.


We reserve the right to make any discrepancies in color reproduction in our image material. Such differences may include depend on your screen settings. The glasses used are dome-shaped and many of the colors used are metallic colors. This together gives a cool 3D / depth effect that is difficult to do justice to an image. You will therefore always experience the jewelry finer in reality. Complaints due to the color shades not matching what you see on your screen may be denied.

Did you get an exciting idea?

The very base of the jewelry is the painted glasses and I am therefore always open to new exciting ways to use them in / with. Do not hesitate to contact me if you or someone you know might be making something that could be interesting to try in a collaboration.